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Q : How to apply a tourniquest?

Q : How to control heat exhasustion?

  A : Cool down patient.

  A : High and tight is the rule of thumb.

Q : How to control server bleeding?

  A : Apply pressure on pressuer points.

Q : How to administer Epi pen?

  A : Apply pressure for 10 seconds.

Q : How to control server nose bleed?

  A : Apply pressure, never til head backwords.

Q : How to control shock?

  A : Elevate legs, keep patinet warm.

Q : How to flush foreign body from eyes?

  A : Flush with eye solution, make sure not to contaminate

       other eye.

Q : How to maintain airway open?

  A : Apply O.P.A if available or headtil, chin lite.

Q : How to splint a fracture?

  A : Immibolize the bone above & below.

Q : How to treat dislocations?

  A : Splint in place, check pluse before & after splinting.

We explore all the above questions in full details, examine alternative of tratment, explain indication and contraindication to make sure our treatment will benifit the patient.

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